CEO Message

As the Director of Khan Sehat Ltd, I am delighted to convey this message to Khan Sehat Ltd customers, Business Partners, employees, well-wishers and everyone involved with us directly and indirectly.

In January 2001, Khan Sehat Ltd started its operations with the main objective of providing quality pharmaceutical and healthcare products to Afghans. Since its inception in 2001, Khan Sehat Ltd has grown tremendously and is one of the largest and well-known pharmaceutical distribution company in Afghanistan.

This is a great achievement that could not have been possible without the dedication of our team and the trust our customers place in our products. We are working to lay a foundation for a solid operating platform to help us sustain growth as well as the quality of our products. Khan Sehat Ltd will continue to serve the nation with its vision of a healthy Afghanistan. I Thank you all for being a part of the Khan Sehat Ltd family.

Mr. Nasir Khan
Khan Sehat Ltd