INTERMED had a humble beginning in the year 1981, with a small presence in India marketing Pharmaceutical formulations.

We have gone a long way since then by focusing on expanding into South America, increase its presence Africa, Asia and engage in brand marketing in French speaking West Africa and also exploring the possibility of starting up operations in CIS and Eastern European markets and opening Depots in Central America.

We remain focused on providing quality and affordable medicines to people of the Globe bridging the gap of ailing patient’s affordability across geographies and are present today in 32 Countries till date.

We have been gradually upgrading our factory by investing back the profits earned and we are a WHO-GMP approved with facilities to manufacture Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Dry Syrups and Ointments and creams.

We also have dedicated Beta lactum facility for Tablets, Capsules and Syrups to manufacture penicillin’s and cephalosporin’s.

Intermed business has witnessed exemplary export growth over the past three years with sales doubling every year since 2011 to 2013 .In recognition of our outstanding export performance PHARMEXCIL ( Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council of India) a Ministry of Commerce and Industry undertaking by the Government of India, have awarded us with a trophy and Certificate of honor for the year 2012-2013.

Our basic business philosophy, that we are in the life line industry by its very nature itself, serves a social responsibility .Hence we have a far better reason than profits alone to drive our performance.

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Lincoln Company 

Mission & vision values

Lincoln Pharmaceuticals shares its presence with fellow foremost top-notch excellence driven pharmaceutical producers, engaged in manufacturing and marketing several therapeutic molecules under WHO-GMP guidelines. What makes Lincoln stands apart is their commitment to deliver unsurpassed quality of innovative products for the betterment of human health. Our drugs are developed using best in class guidelines and all that at a very cost-effective rate.


Through optimal and continual practices, Lincoln Pharmaceuticals dreams towards transform its mission into actuality.

1. To lend assistance to the healthcare industry in their virtuous cause of healing the people through reasonably priced solutions.

2. To create “Healthcare for All” an actuality by modest participation of premium however low-cost pharma products


To spark a universal attempt to uncover cures of diseases by focused and targeted R&D, through forging congenial alliances both domestically and internationally.

“If health is the real wealth, we nurture it”

The manufacturing plant sprawls across in amiable surroundings of 30000 sq. yard land with a garden offering optimal eco-friendly conditions. The overall carpet area of the plant spreads to 3750 sq.m. which is further segregated into various divisions for tablet and capsule manufacturing facilities. All divisions possess appropriate room for existing operations and arrangements for potential future development. An individual structure houses Administration, Quality Control Laboratory and Quality Assurance section which spreads across 452 sq m. The units have always been constructed with maximum attention and foresightedness through the design stage to alleviate possibilities of cross contamination. For the convenience of internal movement of resources – people and material, the manufacturing facility corridor has been given a “U” shaped. Internal sectional corridors open to the processing areas. Processing areas have been isolated from corridors by ideal airlocks and pressure differentials. Similar kind of isolation and care exists for preventing contamination for packaging also. Appropriate number of ideal sized stores and quarantines are built to receive, quarantine and store a variety of materials and finished products.

Operated by professionals, these stores are managed with absolute perfection. Non-Beta Lactam production plant is located at Khatraj. Anti-tuberculars (specifically Rifampicin), have a separate area there. Known for being a employee focused Company, Lincoln Pharma places utmost focus on personal development of human skills, marketing techniques, and safety standards for its work force. The organization is dedicated to its moral obligations towards the environment, share holder family and community as whole.

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Our journey started in 1999, and our passion for relentless growth has led us to the forefront in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Pakistan. We are proud of each step of our transformational journey, and our mission to provide quality and innovative healthcare solutions has made us among the top 20 Pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan.

The PharmEvo family is committed to improving lives by developing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality products. Driven by our core values, we take great pride in being pioneers of Socially Responsible Marketing in Pakistan. Our ethical approach and cause-based marketing defines our business strategy, both within and outside Pakistan.

PharmEvo started its foray into the international market in 2006 from Sri Lanka. We now have an expanding presence in 14 markets. With our fast expanding global presence, we offer quality Branded Generic Pharmaceuticals and Scientific-based Nutraceuticals Products with a network of affiliates and partners in Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Africa and Central America Markets.

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Having Started out in 1985 with a Paltry Investment of 240,000 INR (US$18000), TORQUE PHARMACEUTICALS has grown into a force to reckon with in the Pharmaceutical industry.

At TORQUE, the pillars upon which its strength rests are:

·         Impeccable Quality

·         Commitment to Excellence

·         Constant Innovation

·         Environment Conducive to Growth

·         Affordable Medicines

It has managed to grow from strength to strength and has earned a reputation for itself as a leading private limited company offering healthcare solutions for all through its quality medicines that it supplies not just nationally but also to many developing countries globally. TORQUE has taken a huge leap in terms of production, positioning and presence globally and ultimately has come up as the fastest growing pharmaceutical company. TORQUE, which means a force that makes things turn around a focal point, has become a pivotal pharmaceutical company with efficient clockwork like mechanism for production, quality, logistics and growth. The force behind the exemplary augmentation has been steady dedication and an enthusiastic workforce. With mutual respect, sensitivity towards their needs and empathetic work conditions, the well qualified staff and workers are motivated to achieve higher goals for their personal growth and for the betterment of the company so that they feel proud to be associated with us.

Impeccable Quality 
The Company complies with all requirements laid down under Schedule M – GMP of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act. The constant focus on quality has infused vigour into our quest for the best and has manifested itself as the distinction of being the first company in Punjab to be awarded WHO-GMP Compliance Certificate by the Drug Regulatory Authorities in the year 2005. The National Drugs Authority (NDA), Uganda and Pharmacy and Poisons Board, Kenya have also certified TORQUE for export of medicines. The continuous achievement of ISO 9001 certifications since the year 2005 has been an important milestone. The company currently complies with ISO: 9001:2015 Certification in addition to the above certifications.

Commitment to Excellence 
Continuous effort is always underway to improve our products in every possible manner. If there is scope for improvement, we will achieve it. Our team of highly qualified and experienced scientists work continuously to develop new products.

Constant Innovation 
Through research and development activities, our team is always committed to finding better alternatives to more expensive and less feasible products, which can be mass produced for the benefit of entire mankind. This is aimed at strengthening the foundation and building a formidable reputation for the company as well as the entire pharmaceutical industry.

Environment Conducive to Growth 
Growth and development at TORQUE is aimed at expanding its global footprint. The workforce is an important part of our success story and is treated as such. The courage, capacity, confidence, perseverance and unrelenting determination of our personnel help us to face internal and external challenges. Mutual respect, encouraging environment and ample development opportunities helps us to bring out the best in the workforce.

Affordable Medicines 
70% of India and about two dozen countries benefit from our affordable medicines. Making sure that the best quality medicines are made available to the masses at the most affordable prices gives us great satisfaction. Through our constant innovation practices, we can make this possible. Not just treating diseases and sickness, we aim for prophylactic treatments that improve the quality of life.

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Unimax Laboratories is a professionally managed partnership firm established more than 3 decades ago. The state of the art facility is in Faridabad (very close to New Delhi) in an open space with adequate greenery in the surroundings & a clean environment.

Unimax Laboratories is WHO-GMP certified for more than 10 years for the following oral dosage sections:

– Tablets: Beta-lactum & non beta-lactum

– Capsules: Beta-lactum & non beta-lactum

Unimax Laboratories is also approved in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 9001:2015 for manufactures, sale & export of pharmaceutical formulations.

A wide range of Tablets (uncoated, film coated, dispersible, sustain release & enteric coated) and Hard Gelatine Capsules are manufactured by employing sophisticated manufacturing processes on latest machinery. We provide finished products in various forms of packaging like PVC blister strip, alu-alu blister strip, aluminium strip, bottle / pouch packaging etc.

We have a dedicated professional team looking after the production, quanity control & quality assurance. The production is strictly as per the WHO guidelines.

Our manufacturing licences no. are 99-OSP(H) & 32-B(H). Our facility is subject to regular audits & the licences are renewed from time to time. CoPP under the internationally accepted guidelines of WHO-GMP is available for almost 75 products.

After being in the domestic market for so many years, it forged in the export market about 10 years ago.

We have a robust product portfolio spread over major segments like antibiotics, antimicrobials, anti-allergics, anti-diabetics, antifungals, cardiovasculars, Orthopedics paediatrics, pain killers, Neuro, nutritionals etc..

Our products have earned wide acceptance in many overseas nations. They are being exported to countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Niger, Mali, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo etc. It is rapidly expanding presence in other countries.

Unimax believes that long term growth requires highest standard of corporate culture and that excellence in the field of pharmaceuticals is a service to the mankind. To achieve utmost customer satisfaction is our motto. The name of Unimax has become synonymous with quality and excellence.

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IndiaMART TrustSealVee Excel Drugs and Pharmaceuticals is a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of various healthcare products. The company has its root back in early 2000, under the leadership of Mr. Vipin Bansal, with Pharmaceutical range of products, keeping 100% focus on the international market. Over the period of time, understanding the need to serve various demand of clientele under single roof, the company introduced its Ayurvedic range of products and gradually had added its Veterinary division. Today the company is well known for its endless effort to maintain the quality standard.


To keep the company values alive and to serve people with quality medicines, the company had created its own R&D facility in its new manufacturing unit. The new unit of Vee Excel Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, is a state of the art manufacturing facility, with all modern amenities and latest technology. Situated at B1/A, EPIP Site V, Road no. 25, Kasna, Greater Noida, it was built as per European compliance with future prospect of entering into the European market. The new facility is spread at an area 5454 has got 3 individual buildings with totally equipped in-house cafeteria and working zones. The building at the entrance has got the R&D lab, and a seperate set up for Oncology, with Tablets, Capsules and Injectables dosage form. The second building is dedicated for the Cephalosporin group with Tablets, Capsules, Dry syrup dosage, and the 3rd building for the General group and Dietary supplements, again in Tablets, Capsules and Dry Syrup.


Today, Vee Excel has got a team of approx 200 people comprises of skilled, dynamic, experienced and technically sound professionals. Every team member work cumulatively to achieve the overall objective of the organization, which eventually help the company to successfully enter new market and increasing its customer base.



Quality Certification & Membership

We consistently work towards providing highly effective range of health care medicine as well as herbal health care products as per the emerging demands in the global markets. Here, we ensure the involved production process is as per standards of WHO-GMP and ISO. For this, we have with us certified unit with stringent quality control policies so as to ensure all products being manufactured match up to the guidelines laid by WHO and ISO.


We consistently work towards providing highly effective range of health care medicine as well as herbal health care products as per the emerging demands in the global markets. Here, we ensure the involved production process is as per standards of WHO-GMP and ISO. For this, we have with us certified unit with stringent quality control policies so as to ensure all products being manufactured match up to the guidelines laid by WHO and ISO.


The company is also a member of various body under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

1. Pharmexcil ( Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council )

2. FIEO (The Federation of Indian Export Organizations)

3. PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry

4. GS1 India with Company Prefix number 890600903

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